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Title: A Vagrant's Sogourn, 1/?
Author: Topaz Tsubasa
Rating: T
Genre: General, Heartwarming(?), Drama
Word Count: 2,000-ish so far
Setting: Takes place 1-2 years before Heat Dissension. Be forewarned, not only do headcanons abound—they practically frickin' run the place. A little bit of clarification: King Payne isn't on the throne any more, relations between the Fire Kingdom and the Earth Kingdom has eased up enough for a trade route, and Sam has already put herself through college. That makes her 21, by the way, since during the time of the story Sky is four years old, and now he's turning ten.

Sam )
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So my dear friend Sam has some amazing characters, yes? (Sam and Jake) And eeeeeveryone loves shipping these characters, because they're so bloody awesome and just work together. But here's the problem: she doesn't like them together. (Because Michael.)


As such, here's a compilation of all the arguments I've made for bringing these two lovelies together!

It's also a fine example of exactly how much of a pathetic nerd I am. )
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Ah, New York City.

Visiting is nice enough depending on where I go, but if somebody ever asked me to move back, my answer would absolutely be "fuck no." Not even a day back for a visit, and I already have a humongous list of things about my hometown (and trust me, it is very strange for me to think of it as such) to rant about.

1. Nobody ever seems to think that there are more people on the road than just the car in front of them.
----Seriously, would it kill people to THINK before they go honking their horns at every little thing?Read more... )
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Made a blog after years and years of not doing it. I guess the word for this occasion is "finally"? Meh. Time to post endlessly about nerdy media and bring out my non-FFN-worthy drabbles!


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